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News & Updates

News & Updates

January 2019

We hit the Bay area for fantastic interviews with Karin Kallmaker and Achy Obejas.



December 2018

We traveled to London for an interview with Sarah Waters to learn about her experience with Tipping the Velvet. We discussed key sociopolitical events that occurred in the UK surrounding that time and concluded our afternoon with a cuppa tea. We’d say it was a lovely experience.

November 2018

We flew to LA for a very heartfelt interview with Claire McNab, focusing on Lessons in Murder. Claire is funny, sweet, and still maintains her Australian accent.


September 2018

We came to Portland, OR to interview Patrick Califia with a focus on Macho Sluts published in 1988. Patrick has since transitioned to male and remains an activist on many levels. What an informative and thoughtful interview, especially regarding the many identities we move through in life and being allies for all.


August 2018

The team gathered for strategic planning and brainstorming in Ann Arbor, MI. We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful working relationship in the spirit of this good work.

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July 2018

We're happy to share some updates from the Golden Crown Literary Conference of 2018 in Las Vegas.  Marianne & Cheryl gave a successful presentation to the conference attendees with updates on the project.  Check out the two icons of lesbian fiction, Elana Dykewomon and Dorothy Allison, displaying the Legacies of Lesbian Literature logowear sold at the GCLS annual conference as a fundraiser for the project. Check out Liz McMullen's interview with Cheryl Pletcher here.

May 2018

We ventured to Minneapolis, MN to interview mystery writer and Grand Master, Ellen Hart, with a focus on Hallowed Murder.  Artist Kat Wilson came along for the trip  to photograph Lisa Marie Evans for a photo essay on the filmmaker and documentary.  Stay tuned.

January/February 2018

In January we interviewed Nancy Garden's widow, Sandra Scott, regarding her experience with the trial around Annie On My Mind.  She also gathered many archival materials of Nancy Garden's to share with us.  We then ventured to Lesléa Newman's home where she opened up her personal archives to us to gather materials.  

December 2017

Take a listen to our interview with Elizabeth Andersen and The Tenth Voice KKFI.  Cheryl and I pulled off the highway on the way to Virginia to give the interview, while Marianne K. Martin dialed in from Michigan.  

December 2017

Cheryl and Lisa Marie ventured to Virginia for an interview with Rita Mae Brown and a visit to the University of Virginia to research Brown's special collection.  Rita Mae gave an amazing reading.  Just wait until you hear it.  We stayed with Sandra Moran's mother, Cherie, while in VA where there are beautiful sunsets.

November 2017

We sent out our first newsletter... check it out here.

September 2017

We took another trip to California to interview Elana Dykewomon and Katherine V. Forrest.  We also spent time at the San Francisco Public Library's LGBT archives flipping through Katherine V. Forrest's collection.

July 2017

We attended the Golden Crown Literary Society's Conference in Chicago and interviewed Lesléa Newman, Penny Mickelbury, Fay Jacobs talking about her dear friends Anita Merchant & Muriel Crawford, and Lilian Faderman.  I know, what an amazing group of women!  Here's some photos to prove it.

April 2017

CAMP Magazine recently highlighted filmmaker, Lisa Marie Evans, and our project.  Find out more here.


February 2017

We took a trip to California and New York to interview Ann BannonDorothy Allison and Jenifer Levin, 

July 2016

Filming begins! We interviewed the amazing Lee Lynch and Jewelle Gomez while in DC at the Golden Crown Literary Society Conference

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